California Clean Fuel Rewards Program


You’ve made the right choice by choosing an electric vehicle and taking advantage of the California Clean Fuel Reward. Now we’d like to make sure you know about all the great resources available for EV owners. Visit for details on your electric utility’s EV programs, other EV incentives, and special offers just for EV owners.

Ask your electric utility about EV charging rates, rebates on home chargers, or access to exclusive parking spots and charging stations in your town.

California Clean Fuel Reward is just one of the many state, local, and federal EV incentives available. Enter your ZIP Code at and explore all the offers for which you may qualify.

EVs are quick and have excellent handling, making them a blast to drive. Plus, you can now drive solo in the HOV lane with your carpool sticker.

Begin Enjoying The Many Benefits Of EV Ownership

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