We Are an A-Z Plan Dealership

If you are a current employee, retiree, or a member of one of our partnership companies, then you are eligible. The following is some important information:

A and Z Plan D Plan X Plan
Ford Motor Company employees and retirees are encouraged to purchase or Red Carpet Lease vehicles through the Ford Motor Company New Vehicle Purchase Plans – “A-Plan” and “Z-Plan.”
These plans offer dealer net invoice pricing to Ford Motor Company employees (A-Plan) and retirees (Z-Plan), as well as their eligible family members.
Four new products per calendar year may be purchased or leased.
As a Blue Oval Certified dealership employee, you are eligible to purchase or lease one new Ford or Lincoln Mercury vehicle per calendar year.
“D” Plan uses the same pricing as the “A” Plan, which is the price Ford Motor Company employees pay to purchase or lease a new vehicle.
Two new products per calendar year may be purchased/ leased.
For non-Ford Motor Company employees, X-Plan provides an opportunity to experience the benefits of driving a Ford Motor Company vehicle. Select individuals may be sponsored by a Ford Motor Company employee, or may be eligible as an employee or member of a partner company or organization.
Certain vehicles may be excluded from X-Plan programs.
Two new products per calendar year may be purchased/ leased in total.

To find out if you are eligible or to start the search for your vehicle, contact our Internet Department. We handle all A-Z Plans for Marin County Ford. We would be more than happy to find you the right vehicle, and we are available to answer any questions that you may have concerning your eligibility or requirements of the program. Please Call Toll Free (415) 914-1118.
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