60 Minute Purchase Program

Brought To You By Marin County Ford

Details About Marin County Ford’s 60 Minute Purchase Program

Here at Marin County Ford, we have noticed that our clients LOVE a fast and efficient buying experience. You know which car you want and how it fits into your budget. We know that your time is valuable and you have other things to worry about than the logistics of the buying process. That is why we have developed our new 60 minute purchase program available exclusively at Marin County Ford.

The process is simple and will significantly reduce your time at the dealership:

  • Fill out the below credit application. On the last page of the application in the comments section, please type in the vehicle you are purchasing. We will be notified once you complete the application and we will pull your credit and make sure you get the best possible rate on your new finance or lease contract. Many of our 60 Minute Purchase Program participants receive 0% APR!
  • Email our 60 Minute Purchase Program Director, Adam Brown, at [email protected] with a copy of your current driver’s license and a copy of your current insurance card. This will enable us to complete much of the legally required paperwork before you arrive at Marin County Ford.

We will have your desired car completely detailed, pulled up to the front of the dealership and ready for you to drive home. We will have your finance documents printed and ready for your review. All of this will be done to ensure you have a seamless and hassle free buying experience with us here at Marin County Ford.

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